Club News

Welcome to Wythall Young Farmers

Wythall Young Farmers is a small but friendly club from Worcestershire.


As a club, we meet up every Wednesday, usually from 7:30 pm. Throughout the year we get up to lots of fantastic activities. Some of the activities we have done in the last year include bowling, trampolining, flower arranging, pumpkin carving as well as attending county socials and preparation for our county rally last May.


We pride ourselves on being an active club within the county and at the 2018 Worcestershire County rally, we were awarded Most Improved Club!  We had lots of success on the day and took home place cards in all sorts of categories ranging from cookery and stock judging to face painting. Throughout the year our members have attended lots of events put on by other clubs, and by the county. The largest of these have been the Defford doo back in the summer and the Worcestershire Young Farmers Winter Wonderland Ball which we are all eagerly awaiting again this year.


If you are aged 10-27 and you are interested in joining Wythall Young Farmers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our 2020-21 committee.


2020-21 Committee

Chairlady - Molly Phillips 07710456521

Secretary - Hannah Anderson 07518 224760

Vice Chair - Charlotte Brown 07399 081055

Treasurer - Lydia Jennings 07818 672665

Social Secretary - Bizza Walters 07522 114123


2020-21 Membership Rates

Juniors - £15 (17 and under on the 1st September)

Intermediates - £20 (22 and under on the 1st September)

Seniors - £22.50 (27 and under on the 1st September)

For Associate membership get in touch with one of our club officers! (28+)